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College Applications

Demystifying the College Application Journey with admissions director Bryan Jue

College Applications

Bryan Jue, the Senior Admissions Director at UC Irvine, offers a glimpse into the often elusive college admissions process. In his talk, Jue provides transparency about the process, helps turn students’ fears into excitement, and highlights what should be emphasized in the application package. He advises students to share their authentic story in their application and describe what makes their personal journey unique.

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Student Finances

Personal Finance Creator Vincent Chan offers a Student’s
Guide to Financial Wellness

Student Finances

Join Vincent Chan as he shares his journey as a financial content creator who helps others create a 'healthier and wealthier' life. Chan describes how his own experience as a first-generation AAPI college student inspired him to help other young people become more financially literate. He aims to help students and their support systems gain confidence in financial planning and feel optimistic about their college years and beyond.

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APIA Scholar Chat

Wisdom for the Next Generation, featuring 2023 Scholarship Awardees Aye Win, Becca Kaelin & James Yang


Strengthening Your Mental Health and Tapping into Your True Passion with Jubilee Founder Jason Y. Lee

Mind Matters

Jason Y Lee, the founder of Jubilee Media, joins APA Next to discuss his mental health journey and the importance of pursuing one’s true passion. He shares his own mental health challenges as he embarked on his unique career path and how his story inspired him to create a media company centered around these concerns. He also encourages AAPI parents and students to engage in open conversations about mental health and seek support without shame.

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Anna & Poorna

In Conversation

APA Next Summit Moderators Anna Cathcart & Poorna Jagannathan sit down to Discuss the AAPI College Experience

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